Scanning in SAP

SAP is the central system that many companies use for their business processes, documents and data. However, the scanning solutions used are usually not integrated in SAP and have their own user interfaces. This can make operation processes complicated and unfamiliar.

One solution for this problem is to have a scanning solution that is completely integrated into SAP and operated directly from the SAP interface.

KGS has therefore developed an intuitive scan client, KGS Scan, which can be controlled from the SAP GUI and which directly assigns documents to their corresponding business objects. This scenario is particularly interesting for sensitive documents, such as documents including personal information. Any document scanner can be connected directly to the SAP work station and documents can be archived directly from the work place. In this way, sensitive documents remain on the desks of the administrative staff responsible for them and do not have to be sent to a central location and be scanned by employees from other departments.

In addition to this direct form of archiving, KGS Scan can also be used to perform mass scanning tasks with automatic bar code recognition or to create documents for automatic forwarding to an SAP work flow.

KGS scan supports a wide variety of document input scenarios, which can easily be managed either centrally or decentrally and are input by the scan client with each log-on process. This means that each administrative staff member can immediately access the scanning scenarios relevant to them, which makes scanning a lot easier.


„Thanks to the KGS corporate product
license, each SAP workstation automatically
also serves as an archive workstation. This
means that relicensing is a thing of the past.
The solution will thus have paid for itself in
only two years.“

Florian Beck, Head Application Management / Knauf

„When sounding out the market, KGS was the only provider whose solution met our special requirements within this unique system landscape.“

Volker Blum, Head of SAP system basic support unit / Trumpf
“The simple customizing process delivered by KGS ZADOC makes it easy to define attributes to set up different document types.”
Andreas Lupfer, Team Leader SAP Application Support / Röchling Automotive

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