Data Archiving in SAP

Electronic workflows are an effective way to simplify and speed up the handling of documents in IT-based systems, and also make these easier to understand.
Authorisation, auditing and approval processes, which are of fundamental importance for daily business, are all factors in this process.
Most document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management systems (ECM) also function as sophisticated workflow tools.
In an SAP environment, however, these external workflow systems quickly reach their limits. It is then necessary to transfer data and documents from the SAP system and modify them, before transferring the modified data back to SAP once again where they can finally be processed.  To make matters more complicated, the system also has to recognise and comply with the access rights managed in SAP.
Anyone who has ever tried to mirror the SAP access rights system externally will know how complicated this process can be. What’s more, it’s almost impossible to keep these mirrored access rights systems consistent on a permanent basis.
That’s why in an SAP environment, it makes sense to do without proprietary workflow systems altogether and switch to SAP’s internal workflow engine.
Any roles and access rights here can easily be used in SAP. Straightforward rules are set in the workflow itself, which determine who is responsible for which ‘signature’. The whole process can then take place in SAP, or if necessary, be directed externally by means of access granted via email, without the need to resort to a complicated external workflow engine.
KGS has developed the concept of dynamic, adjustable status control with parallel workflow tasks.

This process model is based on SAP Standard Workflow, so no additional workflow programme or relevant knowledge is required.
All kinds of documents can be processes using this workflow approach,  from orders, through invoices to delivery notes.
KGS even goes one step further for ‘invoice receipt logging’: KGS Workflow4SAP is a kit that enables you to easily and efficiently create individual entry and release workflows for incoming invoices in SAP. KGS Workflow4SAP can be integrated into leading technologies such as WebDynpro and mobile integrations. It can also be directly connected to KGS Scan, KGS Document Router and KGS ContentServer4Storage.
In short, KGS Workflow4SAP is compatible with all ArchiveLink® certified archive systems and also enables connection of external scanning and OCR solutions.
With KGS Workflow4SAP, authorisation processes at header and item level can be configured quickly and easily. Customer-specific adjustments and extensions can also be made or added at any time.

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