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For providers of document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management systems (ECM), who are looking to sell products and solutions in an SAP environment, it is almost essential to have a certified link to the ArchiveLink™ and/or ILM™ interface. Customers generally ask for an SAP certificate and will not buy a product without one.

The SAP environment has a number of special features, however, and it can be very difficult to find a specialist. It is therefore essential for providers who do not usually work in this environment to have a link from a DMS or ECM system to ArchiveLink™.

With this in mind, KGS, as a leading SAP ArchiveLink™ and ILM™ specialist, have developed an SAP-certified interface that enables ECM, archive and DMS users to ensure their solutions compliant with SAP ArchiveLink™ and SAP ILM in a simple, straightforward way, without any specific SAP knowledge. KGS SAPALink enables quick and easy connection of DMS/ECM systems to SAP. KGS also includes support for SAP certification as part of its services.

The SAP ArchiveLink™ interface is a communication interface between the application and external components (storage systems or desktop applications) integrated into the basic component of the SAP system. Generally, connection of archiving or document management systems to the SAP system is addressed in the context of the interface.

As SAP ArchiveLink™ contains a complex protocol, an ECM/DMS/archive provider requires detailed SAP knowledge in order to implement the interface in their own solution. This is where the KGS SAPALink interface comes in. This middleware solution translates between SAP ArchiveLink™ and the respective archive interface of the ECM/DMS/archive provider. From an ECM/DMS/archive perspective, the solution completely covers the standardised SAP ArchiveLink™ interface and the new WEBDAV interface (BC ILM 3.1). The system being connected only has to provide functions for reading, writing and searching archive objects. The KGS framework is integrated into the target system with java class, which is easy to develop, or on Windows-based systems via a DLL.

The whole system can then be certified by one of our specialists here at KGS. KGS has been a certification partner for SAP since 2005 and is able to certify ArchiveLink™ and ILM™ interface for and on behalf of SAP.

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