Document Management in SAP

SAP offers users excellent options for object-related access to SAP-relevant documents. It does not matter whether these documents are linked via ArchiveLink™ or via the original document info record.

A regular document search, using document management systems (DMS) or enterprise content management systems (ECM) is not provided in SAP as standard. Although file structures that represent relationships between document types are available as standard with SAP records manager, these are complex to implement and operate.

However, file structures are an important part of everyday work, as they provide ordered and individual views of documents and place them into context. This means that the same document can be stored in several files. An invoice, for example, may be filed away both in a file for deliveries and in a project file.

Access documents that have no direct SAP reference and for which no SAP object exists might also be required.

KGS has these requirements covered with KGS ZADOC, a product which bridges the gap between an archive system based solely on ArchiveLink™ and a conventional document management system (DMS).

KGS ZADOC enables cross-object searches in simple search masks, archiving of documents without an SAP reference, subsequent searches directly in SAP and the presentation of information relationships in file structures.

Electronic files (eFiles) are the highlight of ZADOC. Thanks to eFiles, users can easily define the views relevant to them. Documents that have only been archived once can be stored either in one or several files. This makes it possible to display personnel, supplier, contract, or project files, as well as other file types, directly in the SAP GUI.

In this way, KGS ZADOC document-based work can be carried out in the same way as with a conventional document management system (DMS), without the user having to leave the SAP work environment that they are familiar with. In addition, all transactional functions are available to the user without application and media disruption.

 You can find more information on our ZADOC product site.


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