Solution Benefits

High Level of SAP Expertise, Sole SAP AG Certification Partner for ArchiveLink®and BC ILM

KGS generally develops its solutions with a strong focus on SAP, addressing the needs of companies that use SAP as the top-level system and draw on the functions and system environments delivered by SAP. KGS is able to do so owing to its outstanding level of SAP expertise. To date, we are the only SAP AG certification partner for ArchiveLink® and BC ILM interface certifications! More than 60% of all ArchiveLink-certified archive systems across the globe use KGS components.

Direct SAP Connection without any Additional Server Systems and Databases

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a middleware that directly links up with SAP, and as opposed to traditional archive and DMS systems, no additional database and server systems are required. When combined with a storage system such as, e.g., NetApp, legally compliant archiving becomes possible without the need to run additional archive systems (‘third-party landscapes’).

No Added Administrative Data and no Redundant Assignment of Authorizations

Compared with standard archive systems, KGS ContentServer4Storage does not require users to set up additional administration data or assign ‘redundant authorizations.’ Index/meta data administration and the authentication process are performed directly inside SAP and can thus be handled with standard SAP tools and without the need for specialist know-how.

Corporate License

KGS ContentServer4Storage always ships as a ‘corporate license,’ so customers do not have to worry about ‘license renewals,’ which are common with standard archive systems. Any authorized SAP user can automatically access the archive. This allows for reliable financial planning as no follow-up costs result from archiving with ArchiveLink.

Maintenance Fee Covers all Updates/Upgrades

The KGS maintenance fee includes all updates/upgrades etc., as well as the hotline. Future operation does not accrue any further costs.

Extremely Low Administration Effort

KGS ContentServer4Storage is exceptionally robust and requires virtually no administration during operation. It runs ‘silently’ in the background, where it takes care of archiving in a reliable and secure manner.

Supports any SAP Archiving Scenario

KGS ContentServer4Storage supports all archiving types at the same time (document archiving, print list archiving, data archiving, BC ILM 3.1 & S/4-BC-ILM 1.0 and is able to map any archiving scenario (early archiving with or without meta data, late archiving with barcode, simultaneous archiving, incoming/outgoing documents of all types, storage of business documents, storage of attachments, SAP-KPRO, SAP-DVS archive connection, etc.). The versatility of the applications and expertise of KGS is what make the complete solution truly stand out from common products.

As regards BC ILM, KGS is one of a select few providers that can already point to successful installations (Bayer AG, German Federal Labor Office)!

Runs on all Platforms

KGS ContentServer4Storage supports all platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix…) and all SAP versions by default and can be combined with any common storage system sold on the market. Moreover, the legacy storage system can be replaced without compromising ongoing operations or changing KGS ContentServer4Storage.

No Expert Know-how Needed

Users administrating or operating the KGS solution do not require any special archive know-how and do not need to undergo any specialized training.

Standard Migration Solution

The KGS solution for migrating existing archives (KGS Migration4ArchiveLink) is a highly proven standard software for controlled SAP archive data and document migration.

The solution differs from the traditional migration approach in that it is based on standard software instead of on custom-made solutions generally offered by market contenders.

The fully automated documentation of the migration process ensures compliance with the principles of proper accounting (GOBS conformity).

Consistent access to documents is possible during the entire migration phase (without SAP downtime) thanks to an intelligent proxy-server function. The new archive can be utilized from the start, and existing ArchiveLink links to SAP remain unaffected by the migration.

The solution is compatible with all SAP ArchiveLink-certified archives and is also suitable for use in ILM projects. In addition, the integrated cache server function can be leveraged for implementing globally distributed systems/archives.

Comprehensive Product Range

KGS complements its product range by offering other software products developed according to the same principle and philosophy.

KGS ScanClient is an easy-to-use software application that stands out from conventional scan programs by integrating with SAP by default, thus allowing users to call it up directly from SAP during any workflow step. The optional KGS ScanServer allows companies to define user and scan profiles and make them available at a central location.

KGS DocumentRouter is a high-performance input management system also integrated in SAP, where it supports a wide range of inbound data scenarios (mail, paper, legacy systems, etc.).

KGS ZADOC adds attribute assignment and SAP-independent access to SAP ArchiveLink©. ZADOC introduces a toolkit for flexibly setting up SAP-driven document archiving and delivers automatic allocation of documents to multiple SAP business objects.