The KGS ZADOC software package delivers document filing and search functions that expand your standard SAP-based environment. Building on the SAP ArchiveLink© and SAP DVS components, ZADOC brings rich functions to your ERP system that are traditionally only offered in separate, dedicated ECM/DMS systems:

1. Link freely selectable attribute values to archived documents (in particular values that are not accounted for in the SAP database, such as: “processing status” or “contact for the document”).

2. Integrate the SAP ArchiveLink© and SAP DVS interfaces into a consistent application user interface using dedicated SAP transactions and a web interface.

3. SAP object service (GOS)-independent ad-hoc and batch archiving of any document type in an archiving system connected via ArchiveLink©.

4. Archive and search non-SAP documents, i.e. documents that are not related to SAP but which can still be archived using ArchiveLink©!

KGS ZADOC is fully integrated into the SAP system landscape and draws on the existing ArchiveLink©, DVS, and HTTP standard SAP interfaces. Flexibly implement SAP-based document archiving scenarios with the help of easy-to-use customizing tools. SAP users gain access to ERP-relevant incoming and outbound documents – either in their SAP interface or in the respective application interface specifically provided by ZADOC.

Comprehensive search functions and extended filing scenarios facilitate document interaction. Highlights include automatic linking of documents to multiple SAP business objects, object versioning without the need to use SAP DVS, as well as managing non-SAP documents.

A dedicated SAP authorization object prevents illicit access to the actual data and documents stored in KGS ZADOC. The object allows administrators to assign or restrict access rights for individual users or user groups using the familiar SAP authorization scheme (user role assignment) even for non-SAP documents. All customizing settings are integrated into the SAP transport management system, which enables customers to set up, test and launch ZADOC scenarios.



Technical Features

  • Enrich SAP ArchiveLink© applications with functions for attribute assignment and SAP-independent access
  • Flexibly implement SAP-based document archiving scenarios
  • Automatically link documents to multiple SAP business objects
  • ZADOC supports a broad range of SAP business object types, including employee and applicant documents related to SAP HR, batch and materials documents used in the context of SAP MM, equipment documents and maintenance messages pertaining to the Plant Maintenance component, purchasing documents used for procurement, invoice and correspondence documents managed in SAP FI, as well as travel expense reports, quality management documents, etc.
  • The functions are provided as transactions in the SAP GUI or via ZADOC WebClient (based on Web Dynpro for ABAP, which means that no JAVA stack is required).
  • Attribute-specific search options (including multiple selection and consistency validation)
  • GOS titles can be created automatically (file name, link and version number)
  • Full-fledged access rights check using SAP authorization objects
  • Attributes can be configured as read-only and a permissible input range can be defined.
  • Supports integration into the NetWeaver portal

Product Benefits

  • Faster access: Source documents can be displayed either via normal user transactions or the ZADOC interface, which enables immediate access.
  • Attribute-driven document access: Link and locate documents based on freely selectable attribute values.
  • Search across all documents, either via the SAP GUI or using ZADOC WebClient
  • Search various business objects in parallel
  • Manage non-SAP source documents
  • Integrate the DVS SAP component (incl. automatic DVS info record generation)
  • SAP GUI-based search function: Improved document search transaction for standard ArchiveLink objects


“Traditional archive systems generally require a dedicated database server. This generates additional administrative costs, which we can avoid with KGS ContentServer4Storage, because this tool directly accesses the SAP tables.”

Hagen Hoss, Platforms and Storage Solutions Architect / Coats

„When sounding out the market, KGS was the only provider whose solution met our special requirements within this unique system landscape.“

Volker Blum, Head of SAP system basic support unit / Trumpf
“The simple customizing process delivered by KGS ZADOC makes it easy to define attributes to set up different document types.”
Andreas Lupfer, Team Leader SAP Application Support / Röchling Automotive

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