KGS WebService – Universal archive connection via standard interface


  • WebService, the ArchiveLink® that makes standard archive interfaces available for all applications.
  • Can be used on different platforms
  • Tried and tested technology (SOAP)
  • Easy to use: can be implemented without assistance from the manufacturer
  • Fully scalable
  • Encrypted communication
  • Authentication with certificates

Individual solutions and legacy systems linked to one archive system

Standardisation of the archive interface reduces the risks associated with projects of this kind. ArchiveLink® is the standard on the market for easy, high-performance archive connection. Thanks to KGS WebService, this can now also be used with any system outside of SAP. The KGS WebService fully encapsulates the ArchiveLink protocol and reduces it to simple commands such as ‘get’, ‘put’, and ‘delete’. Communication via this network is secured with encryption and certificates, eliminating the possibility of unauthorised access.

Connection of web portals

SAP archives can easily be connected into a web portal on the intranet or extranet without any licence risks using the KGS WebAPI and its WEBService.

Easy management of documents

The only requirement for using the KGS WebAPI is that the connected application must be able to manage two additional metadata per document. These are the unique document ID and the repository name. Documents can be accessed directly and clearly using just these two criteria.

Flyer WebService

Product Features

  • SOAP WebService for accessing ECM/DM/archiving systems via ArchiveLink®
  • For use with any platform (Windows and Linux)
  • Low resource requirements
  • Support for document and storage and research
  • Secure communication (HTTPS, encrypted URLs, authentication certificates)

Product Benefits

  • Licensing model is user independent
  • Can be used with any ECM/DM/archiving systems compatible with ArchiveLink
  • Easy implementation
  • Designed for high data throughput and parallel access
KGS User Story from - Armin Rehm
“Thanks to the KGS solution, we are working with state-of-the-art technology. Document access is very fast, which is quite a feat, considering that the system has to deal with 500 million documents. What our internal departments needed was a solution that could ensure that any front-end customer consultant taking a call has the required document on screen within a second.”
Armin Rehm, Service Manager DMS / EnBW Group

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