KGS SAPALink, the powerful SAP-certified middleware

With the powerful SAP-certified middleware, ECM- , archive- and DMS providers are able to enhance their solutions to SAP ArchiveLink® and can easily connect them to the SAP world without requiring specific SAP skills. The KGS SAPALink Interface thus allows quick and easy SAP certification .

The SAP ArchiveLink Interface is a communication interface between the application and external components (storage systems or desktop applications) that is integrated into the base component of the SAP system. In general, the combination of archiving or document management systems and SAP systems is addressed in the context of this interface.

Since SAP ArchiveLink contains a complex protocol, an ECM / archive provider requires detailed SAP knowledge in order to implement the interface in their own solution. This is where the KGS SAPALink middleware comes in. SAPALink translates between SAP ArchiveLink and the respective archive interface of the ECM / archive provider. From the point of view of an ECM / archive, it completely envelops the standardized SAP ArchiveLink interface and the new interface WEBDAV (BC-ILM 3.1 & S/4-BC-ILM 1.0).

The system to be bound must merely provide functions for reading, writing and searching of archive objects. The KGS framework is integrated into the target system through an easy-to-develop Java class or via a DLL for MS-Windows-based systems.

Flyer - KGS SAPALink Framework

Technical Features

  • SAP certified middleware for ECM , DMS and archive systems
  • World’s leading solution for SAP ArchiveLink® interface certification
  • Fully implemented in Java
  • KGS libraries can be run on all platforms
  • (Requirement: Java VM > 1.5 to be available)
  • Multithreading capable
  • Multi-instance capable
  • Compatible with all popular web servers (Tomcat, BEA, Oracle, Websphere, etc.)
  • Supports ArchiveLink® and BC-ILM 3.1 & S/4-BC-ILM 1.0

Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy SAP certification for third party vendors
  • Lean Architecture
  • SAP expertise and SAP knowledge are not required
  • Support is also available for SAP certification of solutions
  • Possible enhancements of the ArchiveLink® standard
  • Integration of any ECM , DMS and archive systems at a fixed price in the SAP world


KGS User Story from - Armin Rehm
“Thanks to the KGS solution, we are working with state-of-the-art technology. Document access is very fast, which is quite a feat, considering that the system has to deal with 500 million documents. What our internal departments needed was a solution that could ensure that any front-end customer consultant taking a call has the required document on screen within a second.”
Armin Rehm, Service Manager DMS / EnBW Group

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