KGS LabelPrint is the barcode solution for document input processes

KGS LabelPrint is the barcode solution for document input processes. A solution which is independent of archive systems, to increase efficiency in the field of document input.

At the time of posting into SAP, KGS generates LabelPrint barcodes which contain all relevant and important information for the user, the accountant for example, such as: company code, document number and fiscal year.

Thus, KGS LabelPrint helps to avoid potential mistakes resulting from manual input. Each input document receives the appropriate bar code and can thereby be identified at any stage of the process. KGS LabelPrint is compatible with all SAP modules that support the input of documents via barcodes.

Flyer - KGS LabelPrint

Technical Features

  • Barcode solution for the clear identification of incoming documents
  • Barcode matches SAP document number
  • Supports all printers, from standard to label printer
  • Compatible with all versions of SAP from 4.0B
  • Licensing per client PC or enterprise license
  • Full integration with SAP ArchiveLink™ standard

Product Benefits

  • Increased efficiency in document input
  • Possible module- and task-specific adaptations
  • Fully automated process – no manual input required for barcode processing
  • Error reduction in manual late capturing of documents (for example Accounts Payable)
  • Client software can be rolled out automatically via common software distribution solutions
  • Supports Terminal Server environments, e.g. Citrix®


“KGS LabelPrint helps us to avoid mistakes. Every input document gets the right barcode and can be easily identified throughout the whole manufacturing process.”
Philip von Melle, Managing Director / Globetrotter

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