KGS H5 Viewer

KGS H5 Viewer is a server-based web application deployed on a web server (preferably Tomcat). This means that no additional software components, such as Java or browser add-ons, need to be installed on the client workstation. When you retrieve a document from SAP, the viewer launches in the browser and displays the stored document. One is able to customize the viewer on a content repository or even a document type level (client specific). KGS H5 Viewer supports any ArchiveLink®-certified SAP archive and is controlled via the central instance of the SAP system.

By using an overlay function, you can attach annotations in the form of sticky notes or texts, mark text using a virtual highlighter, or draw rectangles, circles and lines. Printing the document with or without the annotation overlay is supported. All annotations are stored in one separate component in the archive. KGS H5 Viewer even allows you to create, show, edit and print existing SAP note components.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome

Supported languages: English and German by default; other languages can be added on a project-specific basis.

Flyer - KGS H5 Viewer

Technical Features

  • Browser-based viewer with annotation function
  • Supported formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
  • Simple integration into the existing SAP landscape
  • Two language versions (English and German) available in the standard version; other languages on request

Product Benefits

  • No need to install anything on local workstations
  • View documents either directly in the browser or in the SAP workspace
  • Extensive annotation functions
  • Annotations are stored in the archive as separate document component

“The KGS H5 Viewer convinced us from the beginning.
It is intuitive to use, centrally managed and offers
everything for SAP that users desire from a performant viewer.”

Dieter Heger, IT administrator for the SAP basic support unit / TRUMPF

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