Professional SAP Archiving Consultants

At KGS, we are SAP archiving consultants specializing in the configuration of SAP ArchiveLink interfaces, as well as programming and configuration in the SAP archiving environment.

Our specialists are routinely asked by leading software and computer retailers to solve complex tasks in an SAP ArchiveLink environment for customers, or to implement special requirements in an archive environment. And for good reason.

At KGS, we know the SAP ArchiveLink interface down to bit level. Several of our document management consultants participated in the implementation of this interface. In addition, our team has gathered over 20 years of archiving expertise and has successfully implemented several-hundred SAP archiving and migration projects.

We know how to make the SAP document management system work for your business.

What Our Document Management Consultants Offer

Our consultants’ broad range of knowledge presents a distinctive advantage to the end user, so that they can experience the most out of the SAP document management system.

Another advantage is that KGS is the manufacturer, provider, and implementation partner for its own software. This arrangement allows our SAP archiving consultants to offer unique expertise on the functions and customization possibilities of KGS products.

Some KGS SAP Consulting Projects Include:

  • Simple archive Implementations
  • Organizational and technical design
  • Customization and development
  • Replacement of other document management system and enterprise content management products
  • Information life cycle projects
  • Distributed caching or scan scenarios
  • Comprehensive proxy constellations
  • Support and maintenance


Here’s what our customer Volker Blum, Head of Basic Support at TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG has to say about our service:

“Aside from KGS, no other manufacturer was able implement our specific requirements within this unique structure or understand exactly what we needed.”

Do you have questions about converting to SAP technology for data archiving? Our SAP archiving consultants can simplify your archiving infrastructure. Contact ustoday!