Seamless Migration to Lean SAP Archive

What would most companies think about replacing their
existing complex, expensive IT system with a lean and
cost-efficient solution that can handle all tasks just as
well? Most of them would say, “Sure, let’s do it,” if only
this did not involve data migration. Many IT departments
consider this process to be a lose-lose situation: In the
best case scenario, everything works the way it did
before changing the system. Thus, when Rhein Chemie
Rheinau GmbH was looking to replace their legacy SAP
archive, they opted to partner with KGS Software. Their
new KGS ContentServer4Storage solution is a
storage-based system that allows users to search any
document from within the central SAP environment, and
the complementing KGS Migration4ArchiveLink tool for
easy, targeted data and document migration supports all
ArchiveLink-certified archiving systems. This enabled
the chemical company to transfer millions of documents
from the old system to the new solution both quickly and
without any errors.