Large-Scale Modernization at Loewe: High-Tech Archive for SAP

In March 2014, when the acquisition by investor Stargate
Capital was not yet fully decided, the Kronach-based
Loewe AG had other things to worry about than the state
of its IT infrastructure. But yet, when updating the corporate
SAP hardware landscape, it became apparent that
the SAP archiving solution also needed a make-over.
The old devices had become increasingly costly to maintain,
but the necessary archive migration was deemed
too complex to handle. KGS and iTernity brought relief:
KGS migration tools allowed the TV pioneer to smoothly
and quickly change over to the new SAP archive, KGS
ContentServer4Storage. Audit-compliant document
storage in the file system is implemented using iCAS, a
software application developed by Freiburg-based
iTernity GmbH.