DSL and Mobile Service Provider 1&1 Opts for Lean KGS Archive

Migration of the legacy archive is executed using the KGS migration tool – ROI of the solution expected 1.5 years after system introduction.

1&1 Telecommunication SE has introduced the KGS archive for SAP archiving. The new archive runs on a Linux standard server and resides on a standard file system on the storage. The lean solution is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Thanks to KGS’s attractive licensing model, 1&1 expects the solution to pay for itself only 1.5 years after introducing the system.

Most archive systems require their customers to purchase a license for each SAP user whose authorization profile generally grants access to the archive – even if they do not utilize the archive at all or do so without their knowledge. At KGS, on the other hand, the fee is based on the number of SAP systems. This results in much more predictable budget planning, because no additional license fees will accrue when customers add more SAP users.

KGS Archive Can also Handle Personnel Files

While the old archive will still be used for some of the documents (such as customer correspondence), 1&1 now archives digital incoming and outgoing invoices as well as digital personnel files, which are managed with Aconso’s personnel file software, in the KGS solution. In order to integrate the latter software, only a new configuration file had to be created by Aconso and distributed to their servers.

The migration was carried out with the KGS Migration4ArchiveLink tool specifically designed for this purpose. 1&1 did not have to get the legacy manufacturer involved in the migration, because it was possible to fully execute this process via standard interfaces. These ensure that the legacy archive interprets any access from the KGS migration server as a regular SAP access. This enabled the ISP to replace the archiving system in the background without interfering with daily business. As before, documents are accessed consistently in SAP via the accounting document, which includes the archived documents as an attachment.

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