WWK Demonstrates Non-SAP System Archive Connection at ‘KGS Meet Up’

The WWK Insurance Group hosted this year’s first ‘KGS Meet-up’ on 14 March 2019. At their head office located in the heart of Munich, the well-established company outlined how they moved from an overburdened legacy archive to the lean KGS solution. What makes their use case special is that only a small portion of the WWK applications are SAP systems. This makes their project an excellent example of how companies can use the KGS WebService to connect even non-SAP systems to the KGS ContentServer4Storage via the ArchiveLink standard interface.

KGS makes archives smart. Based on this guiding principle, Benjamin Schröder, Head of Development & Support at KGS, talked about where KGS is currently headed with their archive solutions. He explained how companies can use the new KGS HawkEye product to intelligently distribute content to any storage system as well as cost-effectively monitor and control it. Another customer, Stadtwerke München, presented the participants with insights into their daily routine using the KGS SAP archive. Both companies are extremely satisfied with having chosen KGS and the associated operational and financial benefits and will gladly provide reference information.

The Meet Up also offered ample opportunities for networking between customers, interested parties and the KGS consulting, development and sales teams. This successful series of events will be continued.




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