KGS at the meet@ career fair in Frankfurt

On 18.05.2017, KGS GmbH & Co. KG took part in the meet@ career fair for students and young professionals at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (formerly FH Frankfurt).
The university currently has approx. 2,700 students training for careers in the IT sector. The focus of the KGS team was mainly on students undertaking studies in IT, but they also spent some time speaking with students in other fields. KGS discussed the opportunities on offer for these students (e.g. entry into the company).
Students showed a particular interest in our internships, working student programme and the op-portunities we offer for completing a bachelor’s degree at KGS.
All in all, our experience at meet@ Frankfurt University was very positive. We were particularly pleased with the high levels of commitment the students displayed, as well as their interest in the innovative solutions on offer at KGS. Many students highlighted the fact that KGS is a highly inno-vative company that represents an excellent opportunity to embark upon a new career. In particu-lar, students expressed their appreciation for a horizontal hierarchy, and the opportunity to take on high levels of responsibility early on in their careers. In short, aspects that are impossible to find at a large company.

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