KGS – A Forward-Looking SAP Archiving Alternative for REINZ

Automotive supplier replaces previous ECM system and seamlessly migrates to KGS ContentServer4Storage

Neu-Ulm-based REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH’s 1,100 employees develop and manufacture sealing products for the global automotive industry. In 1993, REINZ joined the Dana Holding Corporation – an internationally leading supplier of power trains, sealing systems and thermal management products. When the maintenance agreement with the previous archive provider expired, REINZ took advantage of this opportunity to change over to a modern SAP archiving concept based on a solution from KGS.

Now, REINZ archives SAP-based outbound documents with KGS ContentServer4Storage. This represents a major strategy change, moving from a monolithic ECM system that provided many more functions than the automotive supplier needed to a lean solution which solely focuses on SAP archiving. For REINZ, this is the better alternative, both today and in the future. The change also enabled REINZ to replace their jukebox with a (virtualized) server, thus making the new system even more failsafe.

Stefan Burkert, SAP expert at REINZ, comments: “The previous ECM system went offline from time to time, forcing us to manually archive the respective documents. This can no longer happen. There is no more weak link, so the documents are filed away with no trouble whatsoever. The migration of legacy data went just as smoothly thanks to the Migration4Archivelink KGS solution.”

The KGS solution is utilized in the regional Dana data center in Neu-Ulm, Germany, which is responsible for supporting five SAP-based production sites of the Power Technologies Group business unit across Europe. All relevant data and documents are now archived with the KGS application. In fact, it handles SAP archiving so well that Stefan Burkert is planning on recommending the KGS solution to his colleagues in the U.S.

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