IAV Opts for Lean SAP Archive from KGS

Leading development partner for the automotive industry IAV adopts KGS archive solution and ensures legal compliance of the archive migration by means of auditor certification.

Frankfurt/Main, 29 January 2015. Engineering company IAV replaced their SAP FileNet archive with a KGS solution. As an initial step, the company commissioned their auditing firm with verifying and certifying legal compliance of the migration process.

When IAV introduced additional digital SAP document solutions, the company decided to also replace their existing IBM FileNet SAP archive. Their objective: Consolidate and harmonize the heterogeneous system and application landscape by introducing lean and simple solutions. This goal was quickly realized with the new SAP archive based on the KGS middleware solution KGS ContentServer4Storage. Among other benefits, the lean KGS archive solution can integrate data from any number of platforms. For example, the archive draws on the SAP-internal database to store archive information (links and document information). Another strong point of the KGS SAP archive is that documents are stored in the central IAV storage solution. Owing to this successful consolidation, IAV is now able to document SAP-related documents in a much more flexible and scalable manner.

IAV relied on yet another KGS product – KGS Migration4ArchiveLink for data and document migration – to transfer the existing archive documents into the KGS SAP archive quickly, completely and in compliance with legal provisions. The auditing firm RBS RoeverBroennerSusat monitored and documented the migration process from the very start, ensuring that the entire workflow complied with legal requirements.

After IAV decided on the KGS solution as their new SAP archive, the engineering company also purchased KGS ZADOC, a document management solution that is currently being introduced. This universal web solution integrates into SAP and connects both SAP and non-SAP documents with the ERP system. This empowers SAP and non-SAP users to archive ERP-related and any other received or sent documents in an audit-compliant manner in the existing system landscape without the need to draw on additional third-party systems.

The KGS applications introduced an SAP-centric design scheme into IAV’s IT infrastructure, while at the same time helping to analyze the document-based processes and successfully turning them into SAP workflow solutions. Thanks to this consolidated and harmonized SAP application landscape, IAV users can now draw on SAP in a highly individual manner and also benefit from superior usability. This has greatly speeded up internal workflows and strongly contributed to user acceptance of the SAP system landscape.

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