SAP-wide document search and archiving in SAP with KGS ZADOC

Attribution, web access, check in/check out, workflow and management for non-SAP documents – KGS complements the SAP standard through ECM/DMS functionalities

KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its solution KGS ZADOC, introduced in 2013, significantly. New features include a web client, the ZADOC Remote API interface for external use of functions such as linking and indexing (storage, search and document access) and an attribute editor. The latest ZADOC version allows a document search with document object or attribute oriented entry.

KGS ZADOC is based on the SAP standard component ArchiveLink™ and DVS and is fully integrated into the SAP system landscape. The software package can be implemented with little outlay and complements the SAP based document storage and retrieval operations with functions not offered by the SAP standard and which usually only dedicated ECM/DMS Systems possess. It can be operated “stand alone” or as an extension of the KGS ContentServer4Storage, KGS Software’s memory-based system for document management and archiving in SAP.

SAP-based document archiving scenarios can be set up flexibly with KGS ZADOC easy-to-use customizing tools. SAP users can view ERP-related input and output documents – either via their SAP interface or on the application surfaces, which ZADOC provides specifically. In addition to the full search capabilities, enhanced storage scenarios are also available. Highlights include an automated linking of documents to multiple SAP business objects whose versioning is conducted without the use of SAP DMS and management of documents without SAP reference.

The specific data and documents in KGS ZADOC are protected against unauthorized access with the help of an internal SAP authorization object. In this way, authorization assignments and constraints can be regulated for individual users or user groups, also in cases of scenarios with non-SAP documents, based on the SAP authorization concept rules (assigning user roles) as per usual. Since all customizing settings are integrated into the SAP transport system, users can build, test, and then bring ZADOC scenarios into production independently.

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