BORSIG archives SAP documents with KGS Software and COMLINE AG

BORSIG Ltd has replaced its old archive for SAP-related documents with KGS Software products. The KGS ContentServer4Storage and the KGS DocumentRouter are being used. KGS Software has carried this project out together with COMLINE AG.

As a customer of COMLINE AG, BORSIG wanted to modernize the topic of SAP archiving in addition to renewing the storage landscape. For this requirement, COMLINE AG fell back on the solutions of KGS Software Suite. COMLINE AG’s Datacenter Consulting had conducted a manufacturer-neutral concept workshop according to a standardized best practice process model with BORSIG beforehand. Consequently, the decision to use KGS Software Suite as a tailor archiving solution was made

As a result of the introduction of KGS Software products, BORSIG no longer requires its own archiving server and external database and instead connect their SAP system to the new HP Eva-Storage infrastructure via KGS Software’s middleware and iTernity. The functionalities of the existing archive are taken over by the KGS ContentServer4Storage, a high-performance archive which was developed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving and document management.

The KGS DocumentRouter can make BORSIG documents of a wide variety of sources (scan, fax, e-mail, file systems, external output management or legacy systems) available in SAP. Firstly, two separate input channels with different scanning solutions are covered: one process for the processing of incoming invoices and one for HR documents. The KGS DocumentRouter strips off the output of the scanning systems and archives it in KGS ContentServer4Storage.

Thanks to the partnership with COMLINE AG and the use of the migration tool KGS Migration4ArchiveLink, BORSIG’s switch to the new archive was legally secure, quick and GoBS-compliant. As a result of the high efficiency and the possibility of immediate use of the software products, KGS Software could completely replace the existing IBM archive in less than five days. Further administration of the archive system can now be undertaken independently by BORSIG’s SAP Base Team.

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