Your Complete Document Management Solution

KGS Software offers companies of all sizes the ability to streamline their workflow through enhanced data and document management solutions for the SAP environment.

Our software solutions reduce the cost and complexity of the SAP system infrastructure, making it a more efficient document management alternative. KGS products bring all archived documents into a managed SAP environment through the usage of modern storage systems and ArchiveLink for direct and legally compliant document archiving access.

Our solutions save businesses money by eliminating the need for integrating, administering and maintaining external archiving and document management systems. Instead, all your needs are met with one easy to use document management system.

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Efficient Document Management Solutions

At KGS, we offer our customers the best:

We are third-party software providers with consistent, sophisticated and easy-to-use interfaces that simplify the document management process. Our friendly experts are there to ensure a smooth technical integration into the SAP environment.

KGS is an International document management software provider, with high-end customers in the United States, Canada, Africa, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other key locations around the globe. We’ve been able to build an International customer base for one reason: our customers trust us.

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